223 Rem – 55 Grain FMJ – Winchester USA Bulk Pack – 1000 Rounds (31.0¢ per round)




(31.0¢ per round)


Quantity – 1000 rounds per case
Manufacturer – Winchester
Bullets – 55 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Casings – Boxer-primed brass

If you’re looking for a large quantity of range ammunition, there is no need to sacrifice quality for the sake of price. This 1000-round case of loose-pack 223 Rem ammo has received the stamp of approval by legendary American ammo manufacturer Winchester. This ammo is manufactured in the Lake City Army Ammunition plant using state of the art machinery and procedures trusted by the US Army, so you can be sure the quality of this ammo will be up to snuff.

By using new-production brass casings, Boxer-primers, and 55 grain FMJ bullets, Winchester has successfully created a reloadable range cartridge that is accurate, powerful, and affordable. The 55 grain FMJ projectile has an impressive muzzle velocity of 3240 fps, and it will pack a punch with its corresponding energy transfer of 1282 ft/lbs.

If you’re a high-volume shooter, there is no need to settle for less when buying range ammo. Order your 1000-round bulk case of this 223 Rem Winchester USA ammo, and get out on the range!

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