45 ACP – 220 Grain Total Synthetic Jacket FN – Federal Syntech Action Pistol – 500 Rounds (36.0¢ per round)




(36.0¢ per round)

Quantity – 50 rounds per box; 10 boxes per case
Manufacturer – Federal
Bullets – 220 grain Total Synthetic Jacket flat nose (TSJ FN)
Casings – Boxer-primed brass

Action shooting is an incredible amount of fun, but little pieces of brass shrapnel ricocheting back at you — not quite so much. If you like the rhythmic ping of shooting steel targets, Federal has got your back with this 45 ACP Syntech Action Pistol cartridge. Its 220 bullet has a Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) which absorbs greater energy when it hits steel and nearly does away with splash-back. The TSJ leaves no copper or lead behind in a bore, and creates so little friction in there that your barrel will actually last longer if you fire this round. This bullet’s tip is flat, enabling it to better connect with a target and disperse the energy steel needs to knock over. But our most favorite thing about this round’s TSJ? It is red, so it looks neat.

This round has a lead-free primer, residue minimizing propellant, and a shiny new brass casing. It even delivers less recoil than you’re probably accustomed to, putting Man with No Name speed pistol fire that much more within your grasp.

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