22 LR – 40 Grain LRN – Federal Gold Medal Target – 5000 Rounds (6.7¢ per round)

Federal’s Gold Medal line of ammunition is so aptly named because of their support of U.S. shooting teams which have brought home Olympic gold medals time and time again. As such, rimfire fans can expect these .22 Long Rifle rounds to exhibit strong, consistent performance that comes from careful iterations of inspection and quality control implements. It is due to this level of dedication that law enforcement agencies, spirited hunters, and professional competitors have all trusted their craft to the Federal name for just under a century.

Each of these .22 LR cartridges is crowned with a 40-grain lead round nose (LRN) bullet that has a perfectly curved head for smooth feeding, slick aerodynamics, and inherent accuracy. A large-diameter bourrelet keeps the bullet balanced on either side during barrel travel while also increasing the amount of spin stability it receives; this helps to shrink groups to match-taking size. The projectile is secured within Federal’s own factory-rolled brass casing which is equipped with a consistent propellant load. The powder is ignited by a clean-burning, mercury-free primer mixture which provides dependable operation when struck by a hammer or striker.

22 LR – 36 gr CPHP – Federal Champion – 5250 Rounds (4.2¢ per round)

Federal Champion .22 Long Rifle ammunition is an ideal choice for the high-volume shooter looking to stock up on quality rimfire ammunition. This bulk pack contains ten, 525-round bricks, making for an inexpensive day at the range plinking or target shooting and is an effective varmint hunting round. Each round contains a 36-grain, copper-plated hollow point projectile loaded into a rimfire primed brass casing that is non-corrosive. These high velocity rounds are capable of a muzzle velocity of 1260 FPS and offer performance and reliability for your favorite .22.

Federal, based in Anoka, Minnesota, has become one of the world’s premier ammunition manufacturers. For nearly 100 years, Federal continues to produce high quality, American-made ammunition for a wide variety of applications: whether it be hunting, target shooting or self-defense, Federal continues to forge a reputation of reliability and performance.

.22 Long Rifle – 40 Grain Lead Round Nose – CCI – 5000 Rounds (6.2¢ per round)

CCI’s “Quiet-22” ammunition is intended for incredibly quiet range shooting out of .22 LR firearms. CCI has designed these .22 Long Rifle rounds with a tiny amount of powder in the standard CCI .22 rimfire case; this results in high accuracy, low velocity and a 75% noise reduction from standard .22 LR rounds!

The quiet design of these .22 LR rounds makes them roughly as loud as an air rifle, so you can fire them without ear protection. They’re ideal for shooting areas where noise is a concern, whether that’s an indoor range or a backyard range where you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. It’s important to note that the minimal amount of powder in these cartridges may cause cycling issues in semi-automatic firearms; you may have to cycle the action manually.

Since 1951, CCI has provided high-quality primers to ammo manufacturers and the reloading market. Today they’re also a market leader in high-quality rimfire ammunition, with a cartridge for every application from small game hunting to competition shooting.

22 LR – 38 Grain LHP – Remington 22 Subsonic – 5000 Rounds (6.2¢ per round)

The cacophonous report of the 22 LR can be a little startling until you get used to it. We normally recommend that you wear both foamies and earmuffs when you fire so thunderous a caliber — unless you’re shooting Remington’s 22 Subsonic line of ammunition, that is. This round’s 1,050 fps muzzle velocity can’t break the sound barrier, so it’s exceptionally quiet, and even more so if your firearm is outfitted with a silencer. (Or a suppressor depending on what side of that particular debate you’re on.)

This round features a 38 grain projectile, a lead hollow point in fact. That deals exaggerated damage against squirrels and their pesky woodland friends. If you live in a neighborhood where loud gun shots aren’t highly valued, such as any neighborhood, that makes this round an awesome way to conduct pest control. Remington’s brass casing is precision drawn and behaves itself in any kind of firearm, and their primer and propellant ensure reliable cycling in a semi-automatic even with the lesser muzzle velocity they produce.

22 LR – 36 Grain CPHP – Federal Ultra – 5250 Rounds (3.9¢ per round)

If you love to shoot your 22 rifle, then this 5250-round bulk case of 22 LR ammo by Federal Ultra is for you. This hefty case of rimfire ammo is manufactured for range and target practice, but the 22 LR is extremely versatile. Each cartridge is topped with a 36 grain copper-plated hollow point (CPHP) projectile that expands on impact making it terminally effective on varmint. The expansion of the CPHP helps prevent the bullet from over penetrating its target, so this is a great round for backyard plinking.

Federal crafts these rimfire cartridges using quality components, including factory fresh brass casings and clean-burning powders. The slight muzzle velocity of 1250 fps coupled with the very light energy transfer of 125 ft/lbs produces a minuscule recoil that won’t cause a sore shoulder. Shooters of all skill levels can enjoy this 22 LR ammo, just make sure you’re ready to do some high-volume shooting with this bulk case of 5250 rounds!

22 LR – 38 Grain LRN – Blazer – 5250 Rounds (3.8¢ per round)

With 5,250 22 LR cartridges at your beck and call, you’ll be all ready to change the world around you. Entire swaths of forest will have to be mown down to make targets for you, and squirrels will become an animal that exists only in human memory. It’s not just these rounds’ quantity that makes them a great investment, though. Because they’re made by Blazer they’ll keep your rifle or pistol nice and happy, too!

This round features a 38 grain projectile, which is a touch lighter than what its caliber most often calls for. Accordingly the cartridge produces a fast muzzle velocity, which will help you to hit small and distant targets with precision. The lead round nose bullet provides a lot of advantages, the chief among them being its material’s cost — don’t start investing in lead, folks. Furthermore, lead’s ability to expand slightly within small game will leave more meat for you to enjoy at dinner. Just remember to take the bullet out before you tuck in, or else you’ll wind up investing in dental work.

Blazer ammunition is made by CCI. This round’s sensitive rimfire primer will not corrode, so you don’t have to fret about finding several thousand things to shoot right away, and its brass casing will resist corrosion as well.