22 LR – 40 gr Solid – Federal Champion – 5,000 Rounds  (4.2¢ per round)

This 5,000 round pack is a great way to stock up on some American-made plinking ammunition. Federal Champion .22 long rifle ammunition is loaded with a 40-grain lead round nose projectile loaded into rimfire primed non-corrosive brass cases. Capable of a muzzle velocity of 1240 FPS, these high velocity rounds deliver more than enough power to stop even the toughest varmints on your hunt or soda cans at the range, with the lead round nose offering decent expansion and terminal results.

Each box of Federal champion .22 LR contains 50 rounds, with 100 boxes in this 5,000-round case.

Federal Ammunition has become a world leader in quality ammunition manufacturing. Based in Minnesota for nearly 100 years, Federal continues to produce some of the most consistent and high performing ammunition in the world.

22 LR – 38 Grain CPHP – Federal Field Pack – 2750 Rounds (4.0¢ per round)

Stock up for years of hunting and plinking or bolster your emergency stash with this whopping 2,750-case of .22 Long Rifle ammunition from Federal. Each of these rounds is constructed using a 38-grain copper-plated hollowpoint (CPHP) bullet which is designed for impact-initiated expansion. This performance does a number on squirrels, rabbits, and other small game targets without risk of shallow wounds that barely penetrate the skin. The copper plating helps cut down on lead fouling which preserves accuracy, reduces the frequency of cleaning sessions, and helps your rifle or pistol run efficiently for longer amounts of time. Each projectile is crimped into a brass rimfire casing with a clean-igniting priming mixture at its base.

As an added bonus, .22 LR ammo from Federal’s Field Pack (730) matches the ballistic performance of rounds from their Range Pack (729). This allows shooters to zero scopes and compensates for distance with one single ballistic formula. In effect, the available practice ammunition and hunting rounds exhibit duplicate performance for consistent shooting in any situation. Federal Premium is one of the leading manufacturers in the United States and has experience dating back to 1922. Their products are respected and trusted by law enforcement personnel, veteran hunters, and fierce Olympic competitors.

22 LR – 40 gr LRN – Federal American Eagle- 5000 Rounds (4.1¢ per round)

Federal’s American Eagle line has become one of the most revered and trusted ammunition lines among picky shooters—known for its quality and reliability through a wide variety of firearms. The American Eagle brand is an economical option for the target and high-volume shooter looking for an affordably-priced practice ammunition without sacrificing performance. These .22 LR rounds contain a 40-grain Lead Round Nose (LRN) projectile loaded into rimfire primed, noncorrosive brass cases. A high velocity .22, these rounds reach a muzzle velocity of 1240 FPS and are great for plinking, practicing or varmint hunting due to the amount of expansion available from the LRN projectile. This 5,000-round package contains one hundred, 50-round boxes of Federal American Eagle .22.

Federal, based in Anoka, Minnesota, is an American-made ammunition manufacturer with a wide variety of products spanning personal defense, hunting and competition shooting. Their lines are world renown for performance and are synonymous with American ingenuity and quality, becoming a top choice of discerning shooters.

22 LR – 32 Grain CPHP – CCI Stinger – 5000 Rounds (10.0¢ per round)

A descendant of the first hypervelocity .22 Long Rifle ammunition to hit the market in 1967, this .22 LR 32 grain copper plated hollow point (CPHP) Stinger ammo is manufactured by CCI. This round is specifically designed for varmint hunting, and its high muzzle velocity of 1640 feet per second ensures you will take down your intended small target swiftly with fierce stopping power.

This .22 LR ammunition is built on nickel-plated cases which not only fight off corrosion but resist sticking in hot, fouled chambers. CCI fills each casing with an efficient propellant that burns more completely when fired, leaving behind very little carbon residue; this eases cleaning sessions while preserving the condition of your rimfire handgun or rifle. The 32-grain CPHP has a wide hollow cavity that tapers to a narrow tip in order to promote wide expansion which will drop rabbits, birds, and other small game quickly and effectively. Copper plating helps the bullet maintain its shape for better overall accuracy, increasing the value of this inexpensive 5000-round bulk pack.

22 LR – 36 Grain Lead Hollow Point – Winchester Xpert – 5000 Rounds (3.9¢ per round)

This 22 LR cartridge from Winchester’s Xpert line of ammunition sports a 36 grain lead hollow point projectile. Because this round’s bullet is made of lead, it is not only a cost-effective choice for daylong plinking and varmint hunting, but also soft enough to ensure reliable deformation as it penetrates a soft target. The cavity in this bullet’s tip will cause it to mushroom out substantially during penetration, giving you the stopping needed to take down even the most alpha squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits.

As a high velocity cartridge, this round’s 1,280 fps muzzle velocity will provide a nice, flat trajectory that conveys pinpoint accuracy. Its higher velocity also facilitates cycling in semi-automatic rifles and pistols. These rounds’ value pricing and that they come conveniently packaged in a case of 5,000 make them the ideal ammunition to grab for a long day at the range.