45 ACP +P – 230 Grain HST JHP – Federal Premium Law Enforcement – 1000 Rounds (80.0¢ per round)

Federal’s Premium Law Enforcement HST line of JHP duty ammunition offers massive expansion! This duty load has a pre-skived bullet tip which causes the bullet to expand into large petals that cause a large permanent wound cavity. The unique design of this bullet actually forces the lead petals during expansion to protect the copper petals behind them. This results in increased weight retention allowing it to still achieve deep penetration through a variety of barriers prescribed by the FBI test protocols.

This product is brand new, nickel plated brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable.

This is top of the line, American-made defense ammo made by ATK (same company that makes Speer Lawman, CCI, Blazer Brass, etc). This product is designed for Law Enforcement and occasionally made available to the general public through police trade-ins.

– it doesn’t get any better.

45 ACP – 230 Grain JHP – Speer Gold Dot LE – 1000 Rounds (80.0¢ per round)

Speer’s premium 45 ACP Gold Dot line of JHP defense ammunition is great for personal protection.

Speer Gold Dot Ammunition is loaded with bonded core bullets and designed for critical defense needs.

Bonding the jacket to the core means the elimination of core-jacket separation and superior weight retention making it more effective than traditional hollow-point bullets in the event that the bullet encounters bone or heavy clothing upon entry. This product is designed for Law Enforcement and occasionally made available to the general public through police trade-ins.

This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer primed, reloadable nickel-plated brass cases.

45 ACP – +P 230 Grain Bonded HP – Federal – 1000 Rounds (64.0¢ per round)

These venerable cartridges have been tested in LuckyGunner’s own labs and are now available in 1,000 round bulk cases. Manufactured by Federal, this .45 ACP Bonded Hollow Point round provides excellent expansion, well above the median for .45 ACP. This mushrooming expansion translates to a reduce chance of overpenetration as well as more immediate threat stops. With a 230 grain projectile weight, these rounds match the majority of practice ammunition in the caliber and produce smooth function in full-size duty handguns.

Since 1922, Federal has been bringing some of the finest ammunition in the world to market. They offer an extensive range of calibers for a variety of uses including sport, practice, self-defense, and law enforcement. The Law Enforcement line specializes in bonded rounds that maintain the round’s weight through barriers while maintaining the potential for threat-ending expansion. This ammo features nickel-coated brass casings which reduce friction and make cycling more dependable.

Made in the USA, Federal operates in Anoka, MN. This 1000 round case is a great value and can be yours today!

45 ACP – 230 Grain FMJ – Winchester Service Grade – 1000 Rounds (59.0¢ per round)

Pining to do a little high volume shooting? You’re going to need a few things for that: a firearm, for starters, some ear protection in the event that you enjoy hearing things and wish to keep doing so, stuff that you can shoot such as paper targets and neglected produce, and, perhaps most importantly, a big heap o’ ammo. And that last thing is exactly what this is — two full cases of service grade 45 ACP cartridges by the American institution Winchester.

As military overrun, this cartridge offers good quality and consistent performance, but for the sort of price that makes high volume shooting an accessible pastime to those of us whose daddies haven’t got jobs that enable them give us pant loads of dough, such as CEO or state senator. The round’s 230 grain bullet is the standard for its caliber, and possesses an even copper jacket for smooth feeding, bore protection, and straight flight. The nose is rounded for better feeding in a semi-automatic — works great in a 1911! These cartridges have non-corrosive primers, so you needn’t worry about the ramifications of not being able to shoot 1,000 of them right away, and their new brass casings are reloadable.

These rounds are packaged in nondescript brown boxes. The military men who would have fired them wouldn’t think to complain about drab packaging, because they learned very quickly during boot camp that complaining got them something very unpleasant in return. Imagine telling your drill sergeant that your breakfast eggs aren’t just the way you like them? You’d be mopping the garage floor with your tongue in no time.

45 ACP 185 gr JHP – PMC – 1000 Rounds (44.0¢ per round)

Buy Your PMC 185 Grain JHP 45 ACP Ammo In Bulk And Save Cash Today!

This 45 ACP 185 gr JHP PMC ammo is great for personal defense with its jacketed hollow point bullet design. The cavity in this JHP projectile is designed to expand on impact creating a larger terminal wound cavity to quickly bring down an attacker.

PMC ammunition is manufactured in South Korea by the Poongsan Corporation (ISO certified) which produces cartridges ranging from small arms ammunition to large howitzer rounds for the S. Korean military. The Poongsan Corporation dates back to 1968 and since its founding it has grown to become on one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of ammunition. The Poongsan Corporation’s primary mission is to make South Korea fully self-reliant for their ammunition needs. Taking advantage of their high standards required through the military’s reliance on their ammunition, their excess capacity is highly sought after throughout the world’s commercial markets. In the United States, their reliable range ammo has become a standard for excellence and consistency.

In addition loading cartridges, PMC also manufactures all of their own components from raw materials. This complete control over the supply chain allows for PMC to control the quality of each component providing for greater consistency than ammunition loaders that source their materials from a variety of suppliers.

This precision manufactured ammunition is brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive and reloadable.

45 ACP – +P 200 Grain TMJ – Speer Lawman – 1000 Rounds (36.0¢ per round)

From CCI’s Speer Lawman line comes this great 200 grain +P TMJ training round.

The Lawman brand of ammunition is a premium line of training ammunition that was designed to closely match the ballistics of the Speer Gold Dot line of self defense ammunition. This was done so that police officers could essentially “train with what they carry” with out breaking the department’s budget.

You can expect these rounds to be a little “hotter” than you stand issue for a couple of reasons. One, Speer loads the Lawman line a little hotter in order to better simulate firing a self defense round. And two, these rounds are +P rated, that means you should confirm your firearm is capable of firing +P rated rounds before purchasing this ammunition

If you carry Gold Dot self defense ammunition or just want a premium range round at an economical price, then pick up a case of this Lawman ammunition today.