45 ACP – 230 gr FMJ – Federal Champion – 1000 Rounds (34.0¢ per round)

American made 45 ACP ammunition by Federal Champion now available!

This ammunition is top of the line range ammo perfect for plinking, target practice, and tactical training. Federal Champion is made by ATK (same company that makes Speer Lawman, CCI, Blazer Brass, etc) – it doesn’t get any better.

This product is new, brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. It is a staple target practice and training ammunition.

45 ACP 230 Grain FMJ – PMC Battle Pack – 750 Rounds (36.0¢ per round)

Newly manufactured by PMC, this ammunition is great for target practice and range training.

Hermetically packed in a watertight and airtight plastic Battle Pack, these rounds are ready to go with you wherever you need to take them without the bulk and weight of a traditional ammo can.

These rounds are precision manufactured and economical, serving as a great alternative to the steel cased products or the higher priced defensive products that are available.

45 ACP – 230 Grain Plated RN – Military Ballistics Industries – 1000 Rounds (27.0¢ per round)

These .45 Auto rounds from Military Ballistic Industries (MBI) are a great choice for affordable range work and plinking. Each of these cartridges is topped off with a 230-grain plated round nose projectile from Berry’s which has been double-struck to prevent shedding and provide smooth travel up any feed ramp style. 230 grains is the staple weight for .45 ACP and represents surefire function in full-size pistols alongside a smooth cycling impulse. Since it matches the majority of practice and defense loads in the caliber, shooters can expect this cartridge profile to maintain a familiar relationship between aim and impact.

Other components used include clean-igniting Boxer primers from CCI or Winchester, time-proven propellant from Hodgdon, and fired brass of varying origin. Each brass casing is meticulously inspected for nicks, burrs, and cracks before being tumbled and reformed. MBI’s stringent quality control process ensures each round is safe to fire before it ships out. Their products are highly valued for their inexpensive cost and hold high favor among numerous law enforcement training facilities across the United States.

45 ACP – 230 Grain FMJ – Sellier & Bellot – 1000 Rounds (27.4¢ per round)

From their manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic, Sellier & Bellot have become an increasingly popular choice among militaries and commercial shooters alike.

Sellier and Bellot’s .45 ACP is the perfect fuel for your next 1911 range excursion. These .45s come equipped with a 230-grain FMJ projectile, loaded into Boxer-primed, noncorrosive reloadable brass cases and are capable of a muzzle velocity of 853 FPS. Great for plinking, serious practice and fun days at the range, each case of Sellier and Bellot .45 ACP comes with twenty, 50 round boxes and is a great way to stock up on .45 ACP.

Sellier & Bellot since 1825, has been a producer of high-performance ammunition, creating a name associated with reliability and innovation. As one of the oldest manufacturers in the world, they continue to be a top choice of militaries and commercial shooters the world over.