7.62×39 – 124 Grain FMJ – GECO – 20 Rounds

This 7.62×39 cartridge should put a smile on any Kalashnikov fan’s face. It’s made in Hungary by GECO, a subsidiary of Switzerland’s RUAG Ammotec, and unlike a lot of the AK-47 ammo that pours out of Russia it’s entirely non-magnetic. This round’s 124 grain bullet still offers ballistics just like you’re accustomed to out of an AK, and as a full metal jacket it feeds easily out of a magazine and prevents rapid barrel leading. It’s not a bullet that expands to become more lethal inside of soft tissue – that said, over a quarter ounce of lead and copper traveling faster than the speed of sound is bad enough for soft tissue on its own.

This reliable target ammunition features precisely tapered and fully reloadable brass shell casings, giving you the opportunity to craft your own Kalashnikov loads back at home. These rounds’ Boxer primers mean their casings have single flash holes for more convenient reloading, and the propellant they come loaded with is extremely clean burning.