9mm – 115 Grain FMJ – Federal American Eagle – 1000 Rounds (19.0¢ per round)

Manufactured under Federal’s American Eagle brand, this product is brand new, brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. It is a staple range and target practice ammunition and one of our most sought after ball ammo loads. This ammo features a true full metal jacket projectile rather than thinner plating and as a result it can handle being shot through ported barrels.

This is top of the line, American-made range ammo made in Anoka, Minnesota – it doesn’t get any better.

9mm – 115 Grain TMJ – Speer LAWMAN – 1000 Rounds (18.9¢ per round)

Speer® brought sport shooters and law enforcement the excellence of Lawman over 35 years ago. Back in 1968, the line included various calibers of centerfire handgun ammunition, and quickly earned a reputation as a high-performance and reliable product.

Lawman is attractively priced, and the cases are reloadable with clean-burning propellants and reliable CCI primers to complete the package.

9mm – 124 gr TMJ Cleanfire – Blazer – 1000 Rounds (26.0¢ per round)

If you’re looking for lead-free American made 9mm range ammo, then this is an excellent choice. This cartridge utilizes CCI’s state of the art Clean-Fire primers and Speer TMJ bullets. This ammo is specifically tailored for indoor range ammo virtually eliminating airborne lead, barium, and antimony. By removing the heavy metals, CCI has enabled this round to have a much cleaner burn.

Newly manufactured in the United States by CCI, this ammunition is great for target shooting, plinking, or range training. Each round sports a total metal jacket bullet atop a berdan-primed aluminum casing.

This product is non-corrosive and non-reloadable.

9mm – 147 Grain FMJ – Blazer Brass – 1000 Rounds (18.5¢ per round)

Blazer’s aluminum cased ammunition is very nice, with its low price and lesser weight prominently displayed on its list of merits. What aluminum can not do for its owner, however, is let them handload. If you would never pass on an opportunity to enjoy your reloading bench but favor Blazer’s performance, then this brass cased 9mm round is just the ticket for you. It features a sure-fire CCI Boxer primer and clean burning propellant as well.

This cartridge sports a 147 grain projectile, the heaviest bullet that is commonly commercially available in its caliber. What it is great at is assuring that your pistol consistently achieves a subsonic muzzle velocity during your time at the range. This bullet’s full metal jacket prevents lead fouling and assures positive functioning in a semi-automatic. Its base is further protected as well, so the lead in its core will be spared from becoming evaporated by hot propellant gasses, making for a cleaner and safer shooting environment!

9mm – 124 gr HST JHP – Federal Premium Law Enforcement – 1000 Rounds (80.0¢ per round)

Federal’s Premium Law Enforcement HST line of JHP duty ammunition offers massive expansion! This duty load has a pre-skived bullet tip which causes the bullet to expand into large petals that cause a large permanent wound cavity. The unique design of this bullet actually forces the lead petals during expansion to protect the copper petals behind them. This results in increased weight retention allowing it to still achieve deep penetration through a variety of barriers prescribed by the FBI test protocols.

This product is brand new, nickel plated brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable.

This is top of the line, American-made defense ammo made by ATK (same company that makes Speer Lawman, CCI, Blazer Brass, etc). This product is designed for Law Enforcement and occasionally made available to the general public through police trade-ins.

– it doesn’t get any better.

9mm – 147 Grain TMJ RN – Speer Lawman Clean-Fire – 1000 Rounds (24.5¢ per round)

If you shoot at indoor ranges, then you’ll want to invest in some of these Clean-Fire rounds from Speer. These 9mm Luger Clean-Fire loads are built to keep shooters from being over-exposed to lead in confined spaces. Speer makes this possible by using clean-burning powder which is fully consumed with little trace of residue during the firing sequence. The propellant is ignited by a non-corrosive, lead-free primer that presents no serious toxins to the shooter’s breathing bubble. Each round propels a 147-grain total metal jacket (TMJ) projectile that possesses a round nose for smooth feeding.

The TMJ’s core is completely surrounded by gilding metal which greatly reduces the spread of lead particles into the air. 147 grains is heavy for the 9mm Luger caliber and matches a wide assortment of die-hard duty loads both in recoil impulse and flight characteristics. Speer, a sister company of CCI and Federal, is an American manufacturer that is widely recognized as a source of serious training and self-defense ammunition. Their products are often used to support the training schedules and carry requirements of various law enforcement organizations.