204 Ruger – 40 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip – Federal V-Shok – 20 Rounds

Are you looking for varmint ammo that is both powerful and accurate at long range? This 204 Ruger V-Shok ammo by Federal is exactly what you need. These premium nickel-plated brass cartridges are loaded with a 40 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet that keeps its shape until it strikes the target, at which point it expands and fragments to create terminally efficient wound paths. The boat tail design encourages great accuracy at long range, and the projectile is lightning fast with a muzzle velocity of 3650 fps.

Federal has designed this ammunition to be versatile, equally effective with small predators and varmint from coyote to squirrels with consistent performance. The nickel-plated brass casings are new production, Boxer-primed, and reloadable, and the coating promotes silky-smooth feeding and extracting that lessens the wear and tear on your firearm over time.

Federal has been manufacturing premium quality ammo since 1922, and has established itself as one of the most respected ammo makers in the US. Pick up your 20 round box of this 204 Ruger ammo and experience the difference!

204 Ruger – 32 gr Vmax – Hornady – 20 Rounds

Hornady’s Varmint Express 204 Ruger is an ultra fast round designed for high accuracy at long distances. Upon impact, Hornady’s VMAX projectile achieves rapid fragmentation.

V-MAX bullets are manufactured with Hornady’s philosophy of “Ten bullets through one hole”.

These bullets feature a premium polymer tip and streamlined design that yield ultra flat trajectories. The key is its sharp polymer tip which provides a high ballistic coefficient as well as reduced wind drift. The tip also initiates expansion of the bullet even at long ranges when the bullet has reached a lower velocity providing explosive impact.

This round is perfect for competition or varmint hunting.

Each round is brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable.

10mm Auto – 170 Grain JHP – PMC – 25 Rounds

This hard hitting 10mm Auto 170 gr JHP PMC ammo is great for personal defense with its jacketed hollow point bullet design. The cavity in this JHP projectile is designed to expand on impact creating a larger terminal wound cavity to quickly bring down an attacker.

PMC ammunition is manufactured in South Korea by the Poongsan Corporation (ISO certified) which produces cartridges ranging from small arms ammunition to large howitzer rounds for the S. Korean military. The Poongsan Corporation dates back to 1968 and since its founding it has grown to become on one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of ammunition. The Poongsan Corporation’s primary mission is to make South Korea fully self-reliant for their ammunition needs. Taking advantage of their high standards required through the military’s reliance on their ammunition, their excess capacity is highly sought after throughout the world’s commercial markets. In the United States, their reliable range ammo has become a standard for excellence and consistency.

In addition loading cartridges, PMC also manufactures all of their own components from raw materials. This complete control over the supply chain allows for PMC to control the quality of each component providing for greater consistency than ammunition loaders that source their materials from a variety of suppliers.

This precision manufactured ammunition is brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable.

17 Hornet – 20 gr V-MAX – Hornady Superformance Varmint – 25 Rounds

Hornady’s 17 Hornet cartridge is an extremely fun round to shoot and an inexpensive solution for those getting into the world of Varmint shooting.

This round will kick the 20 grain V-Max Polymer Tip projectile a blistering 3650 fps. That would probably sting a little more than a real hornet!

The benefits to this cartridge are having a comparable trajectory to a traditonal 55gr 223 Rem but at the felt recoil of a 22 WMR!

This 17 Hornet ammo is great for shooters who look to put Varmints deeper into the ground then they can actually dig.

Hornady ammunition is made in the USA and is now in its third generation of Hornady’s at the helm.

NOTE: This ammo is centerfire rifle ammo. It will NOT work in 17 HMR rifles.

17 Hornet – 20 Grain Polymer Tip – Winchester Varmint-X – 20 Rounds

If you are looking for an amazing varmint hunting round, the 17 Hornet is a great option for you. Developed by Hornady in the 1950’s, the 17 Hornet is a tiny bullet based off of the 22 Hornet and is fired with a centerfire primer for incredibly high speeds, perfect for taking out varmints. With the high speeds and fantastic damage the 17 Hornet puts out, you will have no trouble exterminating the pesky creatures that scurry around your house.

Winchester was founded in 1866 and is one of the most popular ammunition providers in the United States, not to mention one of the best. When you want something highly reliable and with a fantastic performance, Winchester is the way to go. With these Winchester Varmint-X, 20 grain, polymer tip, brass cased, boxer primed rounds, you get the phenomenal speed and crushing terminal performance you need to take out any varmint you come across.