300 Winchester Magnum – 150 Grain SPBT – PMC Precision – 200 Rounds

A PMC cartridge loaded with a Hornady bullet? Right away, you know that the “Precision” moniker is well-warranted. This 300 Winchester Magnum cartridge features Hornady’s 150 grain InterLock projectile, with the signature ring embedded in its core that anchors it tightly to its jacket for superior weight retention. The InterLock’s jacket is contoured to improve its ballistic coefficient as well as control expansion at any velocity; Its core is exposed at the tip to initiate said expansion, and is comprised of one single piece of lead so that it can better retain mass as it does its magic inside the target.

PMC crafts their ammunition according to precise tolerances, and they inspect their products inside and out to ascertain their high quality. PMC constitutes a large part of South Korea’s efforts to ensure that they’re self-reliant for all their ammunition needs. They therefore make all of their components in-house from high-grade raw materials, including reloadable brass casings and non-corrosive Boxer primers.

10mm Auto – 200 Grain JHP – Federal Personal Defense HST – 200 Rounds

The 10mm is not a weak caliber. Why settle for a weak bullet, then? This cartridge from Federal’s Personal Defense label features one of the strongest bullets on the market: a 200 grain HST. The jacketed hollow point absolutely trounces most barrier types, penetrating them and still retaining nearly 100 percent of its weight in doing so. The HST’s outstanding performance on the FBI test protocol doesn’t lie!

As the HST tunnels through its target, its deep nose cavity allows it to open up quickly, transferring powerful energy while simultaneously lessening its chance of overpenetrating. The HST’s nose profile is optimized to promote easy feeding in any semi-automatic, and its brass casing’s glossy nickel plating even further facilitates seamless, reliable feeding. Federal’s expert loading techniques, surefire Boxer primer, and dependable propellant charge all come together to deliver a self-defense cartridge that you can confidently chamber during the most dangerous moment of your life. We say you deserve nothing less.

300 Winchester Magnum – 190 Grain HP-BT – Federal Gold Medal Match – 200 Rounds

If you are a competition shooter who makes long range shots, you know the importance of consistently accurate ammunition.

This 300 Winchester Magnum ammo is consistent, accurate, and perfect for your next rifle competition. It is part of Federal’s Gold Medal match line of ammunition, and is loaded with a 190 grain hollow point boat tail bullet, which is made by Sierra. This round provides near perfect groups, and can help you win that upcoming competition, or just allow you to show off your long range shooting skills to your friends. This bullet will leave the barrel of your rifle traveling at about 2,900 feet per second, and will still be traveling at about 2,000 fps at the 500 yard mark. Each round has a reloadable Boxer primed brass case and is non-corrosive.

Federal ammunition has a reputation for producing reliable and quality products. Whether you are looking for for competition ammo or self defense ammo, Federal has what you need, at a price you can afford. Order your ammo today, and good luck shooting!

7mm Remington Magnum – 140 Grain Polymer Tip – Winchester Deer Season XP – 20 Rounds ($1.40 per round)

The perfect ammunition choice to put venison on the table and a trophy on the wall.

Quantity – 20 rounds per box
Manufacturer – Winchester 
Bullets – 140 Grain Polymer Tip 
Casings – Boxer-primed nickel-plated brass

Affordable, efficient, and deadly

The perfect ammunition choice to put venison on the table and a trophy on the wall. These cartridges fire a special high-diameter polymer-tipped bullet specially designed to bring down mule, blacktaill, and whitetail deer. The broad tip and tapered jacket of the bullet encourage the rapid expansion of the lead core for quick incapacitation of your quarry.

Like other Winchester ammo, they are loaded in Oxford, Mississippi, home of the company’s ammo production since 2011.