45 ACP – 230 Grain FMJ – MAXX Tech – 500 Rounds (30.0¢ per round)

This 45 ACP cartridge is made by MAXX Tech, a brand which specializes in giving shooting enthusiasts extremely budget-friendly means of enjoying their favorite hobby. The round’s 230 grain projectile is the most popular for its caliber, so you’ll already be familiar with how it’s going to perform during your next trip to the range. The bullet dons a hard metal jacket to let it feed smoothly from magazine to chamber, and will prevent lead residue from quickly souring your aim over the course of an extended target practice session. Although cost-effective, this round still offers a casing made of brass and non-corrosive Boxer primer as well.

MAXX Tech ammunition is manufactured by Pobjeda Technology in Višegradska , Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company has been in the ammunition business for the better part of seven decades, and has researched the technology and built up the high output facility needed to mass produce such affordable cartridges.

45 ACP – 230 Grain Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) – Federal Syntech – 500 (35.0¢ per round)

Shooters who utilize indoor ranges for practice know clean-burning ammunition is an essential part of an enjoyable training experience. These 45 Auto cartridges are constructed using 230 grain total synthetic jacket (TSJ) projectiles, lead-free primers, and clean-burning powders. The carefully selected primers ignite the powder loads dependably every time so all you have to worry about is hitting your target. The TSJ keeps the core of the bullet contained and reduces scraping in the barrel that can generate metallic residue.

There are several key benefits of using 45 ACP Syntech ammo at an indoor range, including minimal fouling in your barrel, longer shooting periods in between cleanings, and moderate recoil. This ammo is the high-volume shooter’s dream. Federal uses their own new brass casings for these 45 ACP cartridges. Each casing is Boxer-primed, resistant to corrosion, and reloadable.

If you want a better indoor range experience, order 500 rounds of this Federal Syntech ammo today!

45 ACP – 220 Grain Total Synthetic Jacket FN – Federal Syntech Action Pistol – 500 Rounds (36.0¢ per round)

Action shooting is an incredible amount of fun, but little pieces of brass shrapnel ricocheting back at you — not quite so much. If you like the rhythmic ping of shooting steel targets, Federal has got your back with this 45 ACP Syntech Action Pistol cartridge. Its 220 bullet has a Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) which absorbs greater energy when it hits steel and nearly does away with splash-back. The TSJ leaves no copper or lead behind in a bore, and creates so little friction in there that your barrel will actually last longer if you fire this round. This bullet’s tip is flat, enabling it to better connect with a target and disperse the energy steel needs to knock over. But our most favorite thing about this round’s TSJ? It is red, so it looks neat.

This round has a lead-free primer, residue minimizing propellant, and a shiny new brass casing. It even delivers less recoil than you’re probably accustomed to, putting Man with No Name speed pistol fire that much more within your grasp.

45 ACP – 185 Grain BJHP – Remington Golden Saber – 500 Rounds (45.0¢ per round)

Remington’s Golden Saber line of ammunition is designed with the needs of the law enforcement officer in mind, but even if you’re not a cop we reason that you deserve it too — especially since you shop at Lucky Gunner. This 45 ACP cartridge features a 185 grain projectile, with a jacket made of cartridge brass rather than the softer copper alternative. The added toughness of brass helps the bullet to penetrate barriers as well as deeper within its target, wherein it releases fantastic energy as it expands. A Golden Saber bullet’s rim is cut with spiral serrations, which effectively promote reliable expansion even during lower velocity penetration.

A self-defense cartridge must be reliable, and Remington’s is the kind of name you can trust to give you that. This round is especially well-suited for a semi-automatic, as its nickel plated brass casing generates very little friction during feeding and extraction. It is furthermore corrosion resistant and easier to see in the dark, so you won’t be caught with your pants down if you have to check your chamber where the sun doesn’t shine.

5.56×45 – 55 gr FMJBT XM193 – Federal American Eagle – 500 Rounds (34.8¢ per round)

In 1922 Charles Horn came across a failing factory and decided to attempt to save it. At that time the factory had been in business for six years already and was producing only small arms ammunition. Horn founded Federal with a simple marketing plan: sell ammunition in barber shops, gas stations, and grocery stores. It isn’t something that can be done now, but back then it worked like a charm and Federal immediately took off. Over the years Federal has been awarded an Army-Navy “E” for excellence for their part supplying our military with ammunition and has seen Olympic shooters win gold medals using their ammunition. Today Federal is definitely a leader in the industry; Charles Horn would be proud.

These Federal rounds are for your 5.56x45mm NATO-chambered rifle. At 55 grain they’re very lightweight so they’re going to move to your target with lightning speed, but don’t let their lighter weight fool you, because they’re still capable of punching an impressive hole in your stationary targets. These are Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJBT) rounds, so they don’t expand on impact. Their Boat Tails give them increased resistance to cross-winds and help them maintain a balanced trajectory, making them a good choice for longer-range shots. This ammunition is great for target practice and plinking.

Each of these rounds moves with fantastic speed at a muzzle velocity of 3,165 feet per second. There are 500 target rounds in this box of ammunition which is a nice amount for dedicating serious time to honing your marksmanship skills with your favorite rifle. With this much ammunition you can spend focused time working on accuracy, shot placement, and firing from a variety of positions, and your skills are bound to improve. Federal manufactures ammunition at their longtime plant in Anoka, Minnesota, and all ammunition undergoes extensive testing and strict quality control measures. If you’re serious about improving your marksmanship you want this high-quality, American-made ammunition. Don’t wait another second, order now.

45 ACP – 230 Grain BJHP – Remington Golden Saber- 500 Rounds (47.0¢ per round)

Invest a bulk case of premium self-defense ammunition, and you’ll have a great supply of CCW stock with which to practice for consistent recoil management and sight rhythm both on the range and in a dire situation. These .45 ACP rounds belong to Remington’s “Golden Saber” line which is manufactured specifically as a duty and defense load. Golden Sabers are named for their brass-jacketed projectiles which are brighter in tone than typical copper-jacketed bullets but harder on the surface. This increased hardness helps preserve the round’s wounding capacity after penetrating past drywall, light wood, or heavy denim & leather. Golden Saber bullets also have wide-mouth tips accompanied by spiraling serrations.

This construction encourages the 230-grain bullet to open up reliably impact so that its expansion causes it to tumble, yaw, and leave its momentum in vital areas rather than sailing straight through the target. Each projectile is locked into a reloadable brass casing that is equipped with a non-caustic Boxer primer and nickel plating which smooths cycling and shrugs off corrosion. The 230-grain weight matches a plethora of .45 Auto loads for shooter familiarity. Remington is a powerhouse in the American shooting market that has its name on numerous types of ammo and firearms. Their Golden Saber loads have been improved over the years in order to meet more demanding requirements listed by law enforcement agencies.

5.56x45mm – 62 Grain FMJ – Federal American Eagle – 500 Rounds (35.0¢ per round)

Buy in bulk and save with this 5.56x45mm Federal American Eagle ammunition!

We all know that Federal knows ammunition. This product is no different. Federal started their American Eagle line ammunition with the high volume shooter in mind. It is designed with the same specifications as their more expensive Premium line, but for a lesser cost. This is a great ammo to stock up on and fire round after round for some great practice.

These centerfire rifle cartridges are equipped with reliable Boxer-primers and quality powders. Couple that with their brass cases and what you get is a sure-to-fire round that’s consistent. A full metal jacket projectile is also a great option for firing indoors, as the toxic lead particles will be enclosed and not contaminate the environment.

Federal Ammunition Company has been around since 1922 and manufactures shotshell, centerfire, and rimfire ammo at their headquarters in Anoka, Minnesota. With up-to-date technology and rigorous standards for measuring the quality of their ammunition, Federal remains a big name in the ammunition industry.