204 Ruger – 32 gr Vmax – Fiocchi – 50 Rounds

Looking for pinpoint accuracy?

Look no further than Fiocchi’s 204 Ruger round loaded with top of the line Hornady V-MAX projectiles. These cartridges which are loaded by Fiocchi utilize high-end projectiles manufactured by Hornady which is renowned for a philosophy of “Ten bullets through one hole”.

V-MAX bullets feature a premium polymer tip and streamlined design that yields ultra flat trajectories.

This match-grade jacket design provides maximum accuracy at all ranges combining with explosive expansion upon on impact making this round not only a premier competition round but also an excellent varmint round.

Each round is brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable.

45 ACP – 230 Grain XTP HP – Fiocchi – 500 Rounds (72.0¢ per round)

The 45 ACP is one of the most successful rounds in the modern age. Invented in 1906 and chambered for the Colt M1911A, this round has gone on to be recognized as one of the most effective self defense rounds on the market. Used through multiple wars and by gun owners across America, this round has proven its efficacy and earned its place at the top.

If you are looking for a great self defense round, you can’t do better than a Fiocchi and Hornady fusion. With these Fiocchi loaded, Hornady bullets, you get the quality of Fiocchi with the effectiveness of Hornady’s XTP, jacketed hollow point rounds. Designed to have the best accuracy, expansion, and stopping power possible, these XTP, or Extreme Terminal Performance, rounds will defend you superbly. In addition, these rounds are boxer primed and brass cased, giving you the opportunity to reload.

5.56x45mm – 55 Grain FMJBT M193 – Fiocchi – 1000 Rounds (31.5¢ per round)

This 5.56×45 cartridge from Fiocchi’s Shooting Dynamics line of ammunition is reasonably priced, yet it still delivers the performance you should expect from so experienced an ammunition manufacturer. As an M193 round, it features a 55 grain projectile with a gilded metal jacket. That jacket assures that the bullet doesn’t quickly cake your rifle’s bore with lead residue, ultimately demanding a cleaning in order to restore accuracy. This bullet further has a boat tail design, which markedly increases its ballistic coefficient in order to improve its accuracy, flatten its trajectory, and help it to avoid straying in flight as the result of wind drift.

This round’s new production brass casing is resistant to corrosion and will serve you multiple times should you choose to save it for reloading. Its Boxer primer is non-corrosive, so this cartridge will stay ready to fire for several years if you keep it dry. Fiocchi has been in business since 1876, and they’ve accordingly learned how to pour a tremendous amount of value into their ammunition, whether it’s affordably priced or otherwise.

45 ACP – 230 Grain FMJ – Fiocchi – 500 Rounds (27.8¢ to 28.4¢ per round)

This 45 ACP round from Fiocchi features a small pistol primer instead of the traditional large pistol primer but it’s just as reliable as the large pistol primed version thanks to modern day priming technology. Other well known brands such as Blazer Brass (owned and operated by ATK) have started loading their standard 45 ACP ammo with small pistol primers as well to help keep costs down. This ammunition functions great and through the use of the more cost effective primer, it is available at a lower price point.

This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive; in boxer-primed, re-loadable brass cases.