38 Special – 77 Grain ARX – Inceptor – 20 Rounds

This 38 Special round by Inceptor features the revolutionary ARX projectile. It’s a self-defense bullet that doesn’t have a hollow point nose cavity, a boon to how smoothly it feeds. The ARX doesn’t rely on expansion to get the job done; Rather, it sports specially shaped grooves that start out wide at the tip and narrow as they extend to the base of the bullet. These take advantage of hydraulic pressure to capture soft tissue, channel it downward, and then eject it laterally at one and a half to two times that the speed the ARX is traveling at. The end result is a positively deadly wound cavity, the likes of which any human-sized target isn’t going to be terribly pleased about having in their torso.

The ARX contains no lead. It’s made of injection molded polymer, so it won’t foul your pistol’s bore. Its unique construction also makes the ARX extremely lightweight, and its resultant low recoil will help you to line up accurate follow-up shots in a high stress situation.