45 ACP – 185 Grain BJHP – Remington Golden Saber – 500 Rounds (45.0¢ per round)

Remington’s Golden Saber line of ammunition is designed with the needs of the law enforcement officer in mind, but even if you’re not a cop we reason that you deserve it too — especially since you shop at Lucky Gunner. This 45 ACP cartridge features a 185 grain projectile, with a jacket made of cartridge brass rather than the softer copper alternative. The added toughness of brass helps the bullet to penetrate barriers as well as deeper within its target, wherein it releases fantastic energy as it expands. A Golden Saber bullet’s rim is cut with spiral serrations, which effectively promote reliable expansion even during lower velocity penetration.

A self-defense cartridge must be reliable, and Remington’s is the kind of name you can trust to give you that. This round is especially well-suited for a semi-automatic, as its nickel plated brass casing generates very little friction during feeding and extraction. It is furthermore corrosion resistant and easier to see in the dark, so you won’t be caught with your pants down if you have to check your chamber where the sun doesn’t shine.

45 ACP – 230 Grain BJHP – Remington Golden Saber- 500 Rounds (47.0¢ per round)

Invest a bulk case of premium self-defense ammunition, and you’ll have a great supply of CCW stock with which to practice for consistent recoil management and sight rhythm both on the range and in a dire situation. These .45 ACP rounds belong to Remington’s “Golden Saber” line which is manufactured specifically as a duty and defense load. Golden Sabers are named for their brass-jacketed projectiles which are brighter in tone than typical copper-jacketed bullets but harder on the surface. This increased hardness helps preserve the round’s wounding capacity after penetrating past drywall, light wood, or heavy denim & leather. Golden Saber bullets also have wide-mouth tips accompanied by spiraling serrations.

This construction encourages the 230-grain bullet to open up reliably impact so that its expansion causes it to tumble, yaw, and leave its momentum in vital areas rather than sailing straight through the target. Each projectile is locked into a reloadable brass casing that is equipped with a non-caustic Boxer primer and nickel plating which smooths cycling and shrugs off corrosion. The 230-grain weight matches a plethora of .45 Auto loads for shooter familiarity. Remington is a powerhouse in the American shooting market that has its name on numerous types of ammo and firearms. Their Golden Saber loads have been improved over the years in order to meet more demanding requirements listed by law enforcement agencies.

45 ACP – 230 Grain Bonded JHP – Remington Golden Saber – 500 Rounds (69.0¢ per round)

Looking for a reliable, hard-hitting self-defense load for your 1911 or other .45 ACP pistol? This Golden Saber ammo from Remington is a great pick. These cartridges differ from others on the market in their use of brass-jacketed bullets, which deliver the consistent penetration necessary to stop an assailant quickly and decisively. The jacket is bonded to a hollow point core for maximum weight retention.

Each round in this economical case of 500 (perfect for testing and training) fires a heavy 230 grain hollow point bullet at 875 feet per second–a relatively low muzzle velocity that helps recoil under control while still providing good stopping power.

This ammunition is loaded in Lonoke, Arkansas and uses non-corrosive Boxer primers and brass cases with nickel plating. For self-defense ammo meant to be carried often and shot rarely, nickel plating is useful because it provides additional durability and corrosion resistance.

.22 Long Rifle – 40 Grain Copper Plated Round Nose – Remington Golden Bullet – 5000 Rounds (6.2¢ per round)

Easily the most common round in the USA, .22 Long Rifle is a cartridge famed for its easy shooting and low price. These traits make it a popular choice for training new shooters; more experienced marksmen often love shooting it for fun. It’s also an excellent tool for small game hunting, since it offers more than enough power to take squirrels, rabbits and most pest animals.

This particular load from Remington carries a copper-plated round nose bullet that weighs 40 grains and exits the barrel at 1255 feet per second. The brass rimfire case contains clean-burning propellant that works with the plated bullet to reduce fouling with every shot, so you can shoot more and clean less.

Remington Golden Bullet rimfire ammunition is purpose-built to run well in semi-automatic firearms. Remington brings all the expertise and commitment to quality of their centerfire ammunition to their rimfire line, so you know you’re buying quality even when you’re buying on a budget.

223 Rem – 55 Grain FMJ – Remington UMC Bulk Pack – 1000 Rounds (29.0¢ per round)

This American made brass cased ammo is perfect for your AR-15 with quality you can count on! This 223 Remington ammo is shipped in a 1000 round loose packed box so for the shooter who’s looking to stock up their arsenal while saving per round. Ideal for transferring to an ammo can or taking directly to the range to avoid the hassle of stacks of ammo boxes and trays.

Manufactured by the legendary Remington Arms Company, this product is brand new, brass-cased, boxer-primed, non-corrosive, and reloadable. It is a staple range and target practice ammunition used by many law enforcement agencies and avid shooters.

Note: Remington’s bullet type designation “metal case” or “metallic cartridge” is essentially the equivalent of full metal jacket.