10mm Auto – 180 Grain FMJ – Winchester USA – 50 Rounds (48.0¢ per round)

Winchester has a long tradition of making fine ammunition. They introduced several of the cartridges that many of today’s shooters consider indispensable to their favorite hobby, including the 308 and the 22 WMR. They’re still innovating, but they continue to make a vast array of tried and true cartridges of every conceivable shape and size. You can trust the over 150 year old manufacturer to take good care of you while you’re at the range.

This American-made 10mm range cartridge is just what the doctor ordered for your handgun. It is consistently accurate owing to its voidless lead core and expertly applied copper jacket, the latter of which will keep the former from quickly fouling your pistol’s bore. This bullet’s nose is nice and flat, so it will stamp a clearly defined hole through paper and cardboard targets. This round’s casing is factory fresh brass, which along with its non-corrosive Boxer primer suits it perfectly for reloading.

17 Hornet – 20 Grain Polymer Tip – Winchester Varmint-X – 20 Rounds

If you are looking for an amazing varmint hunting round, the 17 Hornet is a great option for you. Developed by Hornady in the 1950’s, the 17 Hornet is a tiny bullet based off of the 22 Hornet and is fired with a centerfire primer for incredibly high speeds, perfect for taking out varmints. With the high speeds and fantastic damage the 17 Hornet puts out, you will have no trouble exterminating the pesky creatures that scurry around your house.

Winchester was founded in 1866 and is one of the most popular ammunition providers in the United States, not to mention one of the best. When you want something highly reliable and with a fantastic performance, Winchester is the way to go. With these Winchester Varmint-X, 20 grain, polymer tip, brass cased, boxer primed rounds, you get the phenomenal speed and crushing terminal performance you need to take out any varmint you come across.

10mm Auto – 175 Grain JHP – Winchester Super-X Silvertip – 20 Rounds

GET DEAL BY CLICKING HERE $21.00 ($1.05 per round) Quantity – 20 rounds per box Manufacturer – Winchester Super-X Silvertip Bullets – 175 grain jacketed hollow point (JHP) Casings – Boxer-primed brass Looking for Self Defense Ammunition? Look no further! Winchester’s Super-X Silvertip JHP ammunition was originally developed for law enforcement to replace traditional hollow […]

10mm Auto – 180 Grain JHP – Winchester Defender – 20 Rounds

Whether you’re defending yourself or the ones you love, Winchester’s Defender line of ammunition is standing by to get the job done. This 10mm round features a 180 grain projectile, a popular weight for its caliber and one you’re nearly certainly accustomed to firing. A hollow point, this bullet’s jacket wears notches along its outside that enable it to reliably spread out into the shape of a six pointed star — as it expands up to one and a half times its original diameter, this bullet boasts some serious stopping power. Winchester utilized a proprietary bonding process to weld this bullet’s core and jacket together, so together they can retain enough weight to make a wound channel that is deep in addition to devastatingly wide.

This round’s muzzle velocity is supersonic, which not only makes the loud bang that tends to scare bad guys away, but gives the bullet exceptional energy to disperse during penetration. This round further features a nickel plated brass casing, which staves off corrosion that could have harmed its efficacy and enhances lubricity for more certain cycling in a semi-automatic.